Coronavirus is Changing Our Workplace and Services

Working from Home

Canadian employers are making massive changes due to coronavirus. Some of them should be temporary. But, some of the changes have dramatically increased workplace accessibility and should be permanent. Just last month many individuals who could not work remotely, are now doing so from home. Now, there is a realization that much can be done remotely. Not all work needs to be done on-site.

Canadian employers should take note of the new Accessibility Canada Act (ACA) which removes and prevents barriers to accessibility, including in the workplace. Working from home, for example, can be a reasonable request for accommodation. Following COVID-19, businesses will have a hard time arguing that working in the office is always required when it’s not required right now.

Making it possible for employees to continue working from home will benefit businesses for years to come. Many organizations will come to discover that things really do work better when employees are not in the office. Let’s use this as an opportunity to hire people with disabilities to create ongoing remote-work policies that extend beyond this current crisis.

Medical Employers and employees do not want to catch coronavirus (or anything nasty kicking around) when visiting the doctor’s office. Do not be surprised when, instead of sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room for two hours, you stay at work, and the receptionist calls you and says, “the doctor will see you now.” This is another beneficial practice we’d like to see continue.

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